PU Wood Polishers in Bangalore

PU (polyurethane) is an acrylic based clear coating wood finish. It forms a tough, non-yellowing film that accentuates the natural beauty of your interior wooden furniture. Pick from a large variety of wood finishes available for different conditions and give your home the perfect look. It has superior film hardness making the wood polish more durable. The product can be applied by brush or cloth & gives your furniture a glossy look which retains for years making your interior furniture to look always new. The work has to be done in well-ventilated place using protective hand gloves, mask and eye goggles.

Benefits of Best Wood polishers in Bangalore

  • Superior gloss retention– -The gloss retention of is superior, making it retain gloss for longer.
  • Resists cracking - Has a strong yet flexible film, hence it resist cracking even on curved surfaces.
  • Resistance -Has good scratch, stain and heat resistance.
  • Film hardness -Has superior film hardness making the product more durable
  • single-product