Duco paint on furniture

Duco finish or paint is kind of finishing method on the final furniture making process. This technique is to paint raw furniture using spray and also applied to automobile body, plywood and MDF, sheet metal, MS angles and flats, architectural and industrial metal surfaces, etc. The process needs more time, because there are several processes to achieve the best result. It is fast drying and has high solid content. It also provides excellent water barrier and self-levelling properties. It also provides scratch, stain and heat resistance.Duco paint furniture will look great on your room with its smooth and hard finish. If you love the white one, make sure it has high quality finish and also quality wood material.


  • Color will look brighter
  • Can be applied in almost all types of wood.
  • Unlimited color choices, the paint can be mixed to obtain a particular color.
  • The color blend will look solid and cohesive.
  • single-product