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Melamine is a non-yellowing, acid-cured premium wood finish which provides good resistance against daily wear and tear like stains and scratches.

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PU (polyurethane) is an acrylic based clear coating wood finish. It forms a tough, non-yellowing film that accentuates the natural beauty of your interior wooden furniture.

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Duco finish or paint is kind of finishing method on the final furniture making process. This technique is to paint raw furniture using spray.

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Its Solvent based transparent polyester based 3pack system based. And high stain and scratch resistance it offers

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Its always said that color shows a person's character and our team have mastered in suggesting which color suits your interior walls.And our Wood Polishers in Bangalore are experienced in suggesting you the color that suits your character.

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These Exterior Emulsions not only protects your house from dust and gives a long life, but also builds your reputation, because first impression is the best impression. Home Painting Services in Bangalore has expertized in Exterior wall painting.

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Texturing a wall is an easy DIY project that can be easily done using per-textured paints, mixing additives into standard paint or using specific painting techniques.

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Make your kids room a paradise with our artistic paints. Always its said that, children try to become what they see around. Now you can craft their dreams on walls.

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Bon Vivant Wood Polishers in Bangalore

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What type of paint do you use and why?

We primarily use quality products from IVE coatings, Asian Paints & ICI Dulux . If there is another brand that you are interested in using, talk with your representative. Our Home Painting Services in Bangalore has got a good customer support team which always ready to server its clients.

How many coats of paint are included in the quote?

We always apply two coats of polishing, guaranteed. Our Wood Polishers in Bangalore have been trained to in Italian way of coating.

How long will the job take?

Depending on the project, you will need to call Bon Vivant Coatings to discuss scope of work. However, Bon Vivant Coatings does guarantee the job will get done within specified days. Re- Painting ideally takes 3-4 days for each round, but full job ideally takes around 6-7 days per round.

How quickly can an estimator get to my home?

The waiting time for an estimate is generally within 24-48 hours.

Can you paint my home anytime of the year?

Interiors can be painted, anytime of the year. Only during rainy season, the drying time increases. But we ensure that the previous coating is fully dry before commencing with the next coat. Incase of exteriors, weather plays a major role, and hence painting is stopped once the weather gets cloudy.

What is the benefit of working with you?

Customer Service. Our success has been based on delivering high quality painting services with exceptional customer service. We stand behind our work and will work with you to make sure you are happy with the experience and the finished product.

How do I prepare my rooms for your visit?

You will need to remove any small items especially glass and crockery from the shelves. We can move the larger items towards the center of the room and properly cover it with tarpaulin sheets and protect it.

Can I trust your employees?

Yes. Our professional custom painters is reference checked and a criminal background check is performed.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1-year limited warranty.

Do you charge for estimates?

We never charge a fee to provide an estimate for your painting project.

What are the different kinds of paint finishes and how do I select them for each room?

Paint finish comes in three general categories:

  • Flat Finish also known as matte finish
  • Satin Finish also known as eggshell finish or low-luster finish
  • Gloss Finish also known as semi-gloss finish

What if I dont like the color selected, can I change it? Would it be an additional cost?

Yes, it is ultimately the homeowners responsibility for any color choices, and there is an additional cost for a color change. The additional cost is determined by how much of the job is completed, along with the cost of the additional paint.

What is Faux(Textured) Finish?

It is a decorative painting technique. Faux is a French word meaning false. This painting technique is a way to replicate materials such as marble and wood with paint. There are many forms of decorative paint finishes used for walls. Details for the same are available with your executive.

How much will this painting job disrupt my home?

Disruption is kept to a minimum. At the end of each day our crews will clean the areas we are working in and move tools and paint to an area assigned for it earlier.

My room is wallpapered now. How will you handle that?

We will remove wallpaper prior to painting. Before we remove the paper we will test an area to see how the paper was applied. If the wallpaper was not applied properly it may lead to damage to the walls when the paper is removed. Your crew leader will discuss with you other options if this is the case.

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